The Heart Of Europe - The Floating Seahorse

The Heart Of Europe – The Floating Seahorse

A Destination Beyond Imagination

A feat of innovation achieved by a marriage of engineering and imagination, The Floating Seahorse villas are an epitome of timeless design and craftsmanship spread across three levels including a spectacular underwater floor. As well as providing the world first floating underwater experience the 131 Floating Seahorse villas will be home to unique special features, state-of-the-art technology and outdoor climate-controlled areas. The Floating Seahorse are connected to the islands with floating piers.

Project quick info

  • Room Type: 2BHK
  • Price: AED 20Mn
  • Size: 4,000sq.ft
  • Completion Date: 18 months from purchase 
  • Downpayment: 30%
  • After 5 month: 20%
  • After 10months: 20%
  • After 18months: 30%

Amenities and advantages

  • Honeymoon Club Access
  • Restaurants, pools, bars and retail
  • Jacuzzi
  • 4baths
  • 3 floors with a huge party deck
  • 2 bedrooms underwater with view of under water life of coral gardens and fishes of your choice
  • Offers Guaranteed Net 8.33% ROI per Annum
  • 12 years for 100% Guaranteed NET ROI and free hold
  • Offers free 14days annual vacation
  • Free maintenance 
  • 100 years of guaranteed quality

Presentation video

Location info

LOCATION: The World Island Dubai 

An archipelago just off the coast of Dubai, The World is made up of several manmade islands designed to resemble the world map. Covering approximately 232km of shoreline, there are a total of 260 islands grouped under seven sets that represent different continents. Islands at The World are named after countries, cities, regions and even famous personalities, such as Australia, Buenos Aires and the Island Michael Schumacher – the latter is a gift to the namesake sportsman from the Ruler of Dubai.

Since then, its become home to The Heart of Europe, a collection of European-themed projects for short and long stays centred around idyllic beaches, gardens and lagoons.

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