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The Most Prestigious City in the World

Beaches, sun, entertainment – Dubai has it all. It’s no wonder that Dubai has been named the world’s favorite destination of 2022 by Tripadvisor. Home to 3 million inhabitants and 15 million tourists, Dubai is today one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. As one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers all visitors a truly memorable experience.

Burj Khalifa

When you say Dubai you mean, of course, the Burj Khalifa, which is one of the most iconic buildings of the city in the United Arab Emirates. With a height of 829.8 meters, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and visitors are fascinated by the view of the city that they can admire if they climb to the 124th floor. Also, a snack at At The Top Sky Lounge it should be put on the “to do in Dubai” list.

The Dubai Fountain

Once you’ve finished your tour of the Burj Khalifa, you must admire the world’s largest musical artesian fountains, which not only send powerful jets of water up to 150 meters, but do so to the beat of music. The performances take place at 30-minute intervals, and tourists can also admire them while sitting at the restaurants at Dubai Mall or Souk Al Bahar.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Among the city’s top tourist attractions is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which is located in the Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world, with a volume of over ten million liters. Here, tourists have the opportunity to admire more than 140 species of marine life and walk through a 48-meter-long tunnel that offers a 360-degree view. Right next to the aquarium there is also the Underwater Zoo, which is an underwater zoo, home to thousands of fish species, including piranhas, but also reptiles, otters, crocodiles and jellyfish or penguins.

Jumeirah Beach

People from all over the world choose Dubai as their holiday destination to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beach. Thus, if you have chosen this city, you must go to Jumeirah beach, which is in the top of tourists’ preferences in terms of beaches. It is one of the longest beaches in Dubai, has fine sand and offers excellent facilities such as plenty of sunbeds, restaurants, shops. Also here, people eager for adventure have the opportunity to tick all kinds of activities, including jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing or even boating.

Burj Al-Arab

At 321 meters tall, the Burj Al-Arab is the tallest hotel in the world and boasts its own man-made island off the coast of Dubai. Designed to resemble a tilted sail, the Burj Al-Arab is illuminated at night, which is why a walk near it is not to be missed. At the same time, Burj Al-Arab is one of the most expensive hotels, which is why a night’s stay in one of the most luxurious apartments can exceed $15,000. At the same time, not to be missed here is to have a snack at the Skyview Bar on the 27th floor.

Dubai Mall

Dubai is, without a doubt, the city of records, and the Dubai Mall is, without a doubt, one of the largest malls in the world. With over 1,200 stores, including Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s, as well as over 200 restaurants, it attracts millions of tourists every year who come here just to shop.

Aquaventure Waterpark

This water park, which is located at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai’s famous man-made island, is the perfect place to cool off on days that are way too hot. At the same time, adrenaline seekers can go on the longest water slide in the world, which is nine stories high. When you run out of energy, however, you can relax and enjoy the sun on the 700-meter-long white sand beach.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is not only the city of skyscrapers, it also boasts the world’s largest flower garden. The Dubai Miracle Garden covers 70,000 square meters and houses more than 100 million flowers, which are arranged in different ways, such as English-style cottages, windmills or trucks. What’s more, there is a flower version of the Burj Khalifa.

Palm Jumeirah

What has been built in Dubai is, without a doubt, absolutely amazing, but Palm Jumeirah, the man-made island, is considered to be a triumph of human ingenuity. It has the shape of a palm leaf, and the stem is represented by a central road, two kilometers long, with 17 other branches that are joined by another circular road. Here you can find the famous five-star hotel, Atlantis, The Palm and dozens of restaurants, including the famous Nobu and Ossiano, which is recognized for the fact that it offers the opportunity to dine in front of a huge aquarium.

Deșertul Dubai

A holiday in Dubai would not be complete without a day spent in the desert. Whether you rent a car or choose to check off this experience with a company, you must know that it is not to be missed. In addition to the unique ride on the sand dunes, possibly achieved in a 4X4 car, arriving in the desert to catch the sunset is absolutely extraordinary. Also, a ride on a camel at sunset is a unique experience, as well as snowboarding or skiing on the sand. You also don’t have to miss the traditional shows or try the traditional dishes that can be included in the safari package.

Global Village Dubai

Considered to be the leading tourism, leisure and entertainment attraction in the UAE, Global Village attracts more than five million visitors each year. Here, tourists have the opportunity to discover the city at night, to watch various shows and concerts performed by famous artists, or to go shopping.

Dubai Dolphinarium

On the list of unmissable tourist attractions in Dubai for families must be the Dubai Dolphinarium. Famous all over the world for its amazing and interactive shows, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy exciting shows with marine mammals and birds.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is not only the most luxurious harbor in Dubai, but it is located in an area where skyscrapers rise masterfully, offering a view that simply takes your breath away. To admire them in all their splendor, however, it is advisable to opt for a cruise in the evening, at sunset. Also here you can discover numerous shops and restaurants.

Dubai Frame

If you love to admire views from a height, then you must get to Dubai Frame. Inaugurated in January 2018, Dubai Frame is a megaproject in Dubai, which takes the form of two 150-meter towers joined at the top and bottom by bridges 105 meters long, creating the illusion of a photo frame. The location of this building is not accidental, as once you reach its top, you have the opportunity to admire the old Dubai and the new Dubai, which is in continuous development.

Ski Dubai

I also said that Dubai is the city of records, and here is the largest inland ski resort. It covers 22,500 square meters and offers winter sports enthusiasts the opportunity to ski, sledge or board. At the same time, various events and concerts take place here, which are appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

Legoland Dubai

This tourist attraction in Dubai is considered to be a true Heaven for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years. Here, they have the opportunity to discover the Factory area, where they can build their own set with three minifigures, admire Miniland, the area where there are various tourist attractions built from Lego pieces, such as Dubai Skyline, Dubai Airport, Burj Khalifa, etc. There are also playgrounds for children over the age of four, as well as a water park for adventurous little ones.

Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai is not a city famous only for its skyscrapers, amusement parks or luxury resorts. Dubai also boasts the largest gold market in the world. Located in Deira, in the old part of the city, the Dubai Gold Souk attracts millions of tourists annually, as well as shopping enthusiasts. There are more than 350 companies selling gold here, which are supplied daily with at least ten tons of gold per day.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Located right inside the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is the largest butterfly garden, home to over 15,000 butterflies and over 50 species of different colors, sizes and shapes. It is an ideal place to visit with children, who can have the opportunity to discover more details about these creatures.

Opera din Dubai

Dubai is a city of all possibilities and caters to everyone’s needs. That’s why art lovers can enjoy a memorable experience at the Dubai Opera, a 2,000-seat arts and performance center. Built in just four years, the Dubai Opera is a futuristic-looking building that opened on August 31, 2016, with a performance by Plácido Domingo.

Hotel Atlantis, The Palm

An unmissable attraction in Dubai is the Atlantis hotel, The Palm, which has a sandy beach overlooking the Persian Gulf. The hotel, which is located on the island of Palm Jumeirah, has five stars, has an underwater aquarium, but also numerous restaurants, including the famous Nobu, which offers tourists a variety of Japanese dishes with Arabic influences. At Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, tourists can enjoy British food and drink at Gordon Ramsay. They can also have fun at the largest water park in the Middle East, which features impressive slides.

Aura Sky Pool

Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis, offering unforgettable experiences at every turn. Thus, not to be missed is the Aura Sky Pool, the first panoramic infinity pool located at the highest height in the world. Located on the 50th floor of the Palm tower, at Aura Sky Pool you will not only have the opportunity to swim, but also to admire the view that simply takes your breath away, but also the main tourist attractions, such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and In Dubai.

Dubai Creek

If you have arrived in Dubai, then you must check off a walk on the Creek channel, which in the past was used by the locals to dive for pearls or to fish. Crossing the canal by boat, you can have the opportunity to discover Dubai like a local, after which you can head to the old part of the city, finding the gold, spice or textile markets.

Dubai Water Canal

The skyscrapers of Dubai, remarkable for their skillful rise to the sky, can best be admired during a walk along the Dubai Waterway. It was inaugurated in November 2016, is 3.2 kilometers long, starting from the river in Old Dubai and passing right through Business Bay. Tourists can walk on both sides of the canal, either on foot or by bicycle, they can shop in the shops located on either side of the canal, or they can dine in the hundreds of restaurants that have developed around it.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Adrenaline enthusiasts who arrive in Dubai have at their disposal IMG Worlds of Adventure, a theme park that stretches over a huge area, equivalent to 28 football fields. Here, children have the opportunity to discover the universe of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and many other characters.

Deep Dive Dubai

If you are not afraid of water and want a memorable experience, then you must come to Deep Dive Dubai, a pool that is 60 meters deep and is in the Book of Records for being the deepest diving pool in the world. Here you can take free diving and scuba diving courses, but you can also discover the sunken city.

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